Saturday, May 19, 2007

I’m Back

Ok,ok you haven’t heard from me for over four weeks. Let me tell you why. On April 5th my car’s engine blew and I was left with a repair job that cost more than the car was worth, so I had to begin looking for a get-around with little money to do so with. Then the week after on the 12th my mother had a few mini strokes and was rushed to the hospital. The car search put on hold. I had two classes with finals coming up on the 19th and 23rd of the following weeks. Still needed a car and had three Red Cross classes to teach. I can’t leave out the writing workshop at a local library.

All of this time I still had no car and spent lots of time on the internet looking for one. As this was going on, I also had to begin getting the house I live in ready to put on the market to be sold. As a reminder, I live alone. This meant I had to do all the wash-down of each and every room, any painting, home repairs, and curb appeal garden work, etc., etc., etc. Are you starting to get the picture of what was going on in my life for the last four weeks? By May 1st I still had no car. If that wasn’t enough, my computer began having problems which caused me unable to get to the internet, send e-mails, or get information sent out of my goings on. I am still fixing a few glitches with my computer.

Now here’s the best part. I am very menopausal. I can’t always remember where I put things, not always sure what I need to do when, and could not get to my Bible classes that keep me motivated. When the month of May came I had more Red Cross classes to teach, a doctor’s appointment, a briefing (interview) of my becoming a teaching assistant at the University of Michigan-Dearborn this summer and still looking for another car.

Now you have heard all the negatives. Here are the positives. I got an e-mail from another school district to teach writing workshops this Fall, I was asked to become part of another writing organization, found a car and purchased it on May 12th, I am being considered to be my pastor’s right-hand man, and the best yet, I have been officially informed that my story about menopause will be printed in the new book release of Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause to be released August 1, 2007.

So there you have it. That old saying, “when it rains it pours,” I felt was my destiny for a while. Yet, keeping the faith brought me through the storm and out of it with a winning hand. Yes, I wondered sometime during the storm if I would make it. But, believing that it was all for a purpose brought to realization that I was stronger, wiser, and more efficient than I had ever thought. I not only kept every appointment, I got more done than I thought was possible. All with no car, little assistance, and a reminder of an old mantra I used to say. I can, I will, consider it a done deal!

Obstacles are still being thrown in my way like, a radiator leak in the newly purchased used car, not a single book sold at an all-day book festival today, and some wallpaper I was trying to remove giving me the fluxes. Yet, I will continue doing what I love to do, sharing what I know about writing, writing events, teaching, and learning more each and every day.

So I am having a rough time right now. It will come to an end and I will be the victor. Life has never been easy for me but it has been inspiring, encouraging, and reassuring. Because of that, you will continue to hear and see me. I will not be forgotten because I will not quit.