Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dig Deep First

Your's truly is back.

First, let’s talk about Shirley Sherrod. She was vilified by someone who took snippets of a video and turned it into “spoken evil.” Why? To make a mockery of Ms. Sherrod. My take on this, make sure you dig deep into a story, video, tape, etc. before you pass judgment. None of this was done by the NAACP, neither the director of the government’s Agricultural Department nor the mass media. How dare them all!

Second, let’s talk about the whale coming down on a yacht. Everyone and I mean everyone said it was a photo shop picture. Now they all know it was not. It was a video shot by someone on another boat that saw it all happening.

So, here is what I have to say about the garbage that is used to defame people and the things that happens to them. What you see on the surface isn’t always what you think it is. Like a detective, you have to dig deep. For example, what would we do without DNA now? Because of it, many people falsely accused of a crime, spent decades in prison to be found later not to be the criminal involved in the crime. Shall I say it again? Dig deep before you pass judgment. Pieces of anything will not answer any questions.

Now as to the apologies, if I were either of the victims of defamation of character, it would be hard for me to accept them. First, Ms. Sherrod was not even allowed to explain the video that was used to defame her. And the couple on the yacht kept saying they were not the ones that shot the video. But did anyone listen? No. The results have now led to the media, people, and organizations saying they made a mistake. And I don’t think I need to mention the culprit behind Ms. Sherrod’s defamation, saying he did the right thing. Are you kidding? What right thing?

All I can say is, if you have a question on something, remember what the characters always said on the old Dragnet television show, “facts, just the facts.” And that’s my belief too. Facts and only the facts.

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