Sunday, January 11, 2009

I’m Back

Yes, you heard me right, I am back. Where have I been you ask? Fighting to survive is where I’ve been. Like others here in America, I had a real bad setback financially. This caused me to focus on how to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly. But, as the old saying goes, what goes down will come back up, and it is true. I am back in the saddle again. So here are some of my tidbit thoughts on current happenings.


To be real straight about it, the country is in the dumps and you already know that. What I hope is that people don’t expect Obama to turn this mess into a windfall in our pockets over night. As a matter of fact, he will not be able to turn this situation around for quite a while. This country spent the last eight years getting to this point and it will surely take just as long to come totally back. What we all have to do is learn to be patient. As another old saying goes nothing good comes easy. We must understand we have to get back to the basics first then learn how to become creative. Rushing to resolve our problems can only lead to more problems. As we look for solutions we have to realize and accept what caused them and then begin to fix it.

Financial Woes

Right now the country is experiencing an unemployment rate that is about to replay the early eighties. Have you forgotten what that was like? The rate at that time reached upward to around 18% nationwide and I know because I was working as an Economic Analyst for a banking institution and kept track of the those rates and many others. The real solution to the problem is learning to manage and save money as we stop being so greedy for material things. Have you forgotten that whatever it is you buy, you can’t take it with you when you die? We must again revert back to the thoughts of our grandparents, a penny earned is a penny saved. It‘s not as hard as you think. Trust me I know. It is the very way I was able to climb out of the financial cauldron I ended up in and had to find a way to recover. Ask yourself, what will I do with the money stimulus Obama give me?


You know newspapers have tanked. Magazines are decreasing in numbers. And writers everywhere are looking for ways to make money doing what they love to do, write. In these hard times, unless you are on staff at a publishing company that is making money, (we all know it isn’t happening) then as a freelancer (like me) the wheels are spending faster and faster against you. So where does that leave us? We have to stay focused on realistic goals. Now don’t get me wrong, there is money to be made out there. What has changed is thinking out the box. Ask yourself, how are people reading now? Is more on the internet or more in hardcopy? Are people truly wanting material to read and what kind? See where I am going here? It is called a “niche market.” Writers of today are really forced to master a niche market if they want to succeed. Without doing so and staying stuck in only one way of doing things will cost you with no return for your work. So think like a homeless, hungry person and find that niche for your writing and go for it. What have you got to lose when you are already on the bottom?

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