Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When it Comes to Health Care Reform

All I can say is Republicans give me a break. Let go of the politics and get off your butts and help fix the health care system here in America. Bi-partisan, do you even know what that means? Let me feed you a scenario. I am 56 years-old and do not have health care insurance. I have high-blood pressure and in 2009 had two mini-strokes (TIA) four days apart. I also have high cholesterol. I take medications to curb the aforementioned issues. How do I get help for my health issues? I go to what used to be a free clinic for those who had no insurance. Now I have to pay $15 for each visit to the clinic because of the economy. My income is a small pension I get after turning 55. Here’s the catch. Each week I get the hospital bills for the stays in the hospital after my TIAs.

How did I get into this situation? I quit my job as an economic analyst with a financial company back in 2002; changing careers to writing. I planned it all out and in the beginning was able to keep my Cobra for about six months. But because of 9/11 this country went to war and nothing but money was wasted. Oh, did I tell you I live in Michigan? Since the gamble I took changing careers, the two newspaper columns I had dissolved, prospects for getting back into a newspaper dwindled and the only thing I was able to keep were magazine assignments from a publishers in the state of New York and writing workshops in continuing education programs in a few community college school districts.

What does this have to do with health care reform? Everything. Since I am considered self-employed, I can’t afford health care so I go wherever I can to get assistance for free. Since I live in Michigan, the worst of all the 50 states when it comes to the economy, I am caught in the middle. Remember that old saying, “I am caught in the middle and I’ll be dammed.” What I am caught between are Democrats and Republicans who both think they know what’s needed. Well, not a single one of them called me.

The House of Representatives passes a health care reform bill and President Obama signs it. Now the Senate wants to go after everything in it and cancelled it. Answer this for me do I have to have a heart attack before you realize that I need assistance with insurance? Will every small business owner have to go broke before you realize they need assistance with insurance issues? Will every individual have to go through emergency to get treated have to do so before you realize they need assistance?

Let the fight come to an end please. Stop arguing about who got what, when they got, how they got, and pass the bill. It is why we can amend things later. No body knows what works when they first start something. But because of the constitution we can fix problems later. And by the way, no abortions are funded by the government. Who ever is stuck on that is not listening. Get with the program Congress or I will seriously start thinking about starting an organization to make sure none of you get re-elected. Don’t think I can’t? I was an activist back in the sixties and I help bring change to Detroit and its racial problems by taking a stand. Believe me when I tell you, I have no problem doing it again. Now that I think about it, maybe I never should have stopped.

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