Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Two Former President Bushes

Why oh why do everybody expect Obama can fix something that both President Bush’s screwed up can be done in only four year. When, the two of them together did it in eight. That is obscured. No one in their right mind can do that. But they expect Obama to do it. Give me a break. Obama inherited a disaster now he is asked to fix it. In only four years? Here is my take on this garbage. What Obama got, he is working as hard as he can to clean up the mess. He is not superman nor is he “God”, but that seems to be what people expect him to be. Now people work with him and allow him to reach out and do what he has to do to repair the darn damage the two former President Bushes put us into.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can feel the passion in your words. Keep preaching!

6:44 PM  

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