Monday, February 26, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

These past weeks have had me wondering more and more what is this world coming to? What is it that worries me? It is the competition between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the judge in the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Let me start with the two senators vying for the presidential nomination. I have to deal with two issues of my own. Do I go with Senator Clinton being the first woman president or do I go with Senator Obama as the first black one? As I fall into both categories I keep thinking why couldn’t there have been a black woman running for president? As they say in basketball lingo that would have been a “slam dunk” for me, two victories with one vote.

Yet, I’m stuck with digging deeper in my analysis of who would be the best choice. I’ve got to check out their positions on things like Proposal 2, stem cell research, education, minimum wage, trade agreements, immigration, universal health care, unions, racial discrimination, the war in Iraq, and a host of other things I, as well as others, have to deal with daily. The aforementioned are only a drop in the bucket of problems an average American has to confront consistently.

With my aspirations swinging back and forth between Clinton and Obama, wanting to win on both ends, I know I’ve got to choose one. So this is what I hope for. That one and only one of them are in agreement with me on the majority of issues I have specific opinions on. If neither does, remember there are still many more running for president that I can pick from.

Now on to the judge. Judge Larry Seidlin scares the beejeeves out fo me. Being a black woman of the baby boomer generation, a judge behaving as he did while being the one to make the final decision as to the disposal of Ms. Smith’s body made my skin crawl. And I don’t even have cable TV.

The regular television networks and print media called it a circus. I’d have to disagree with them on that. Even a circus performance is planned, choreographed, and staged in advance to get good results. Judge Seidlin gave me the impression he was on some kind of medication and I’m not talking about the prescription kind.

If this is what I heard is normal behavior for Judge Seidlin, it makes me wonder why it’s even accepted by the citizens in his jurisdiction. If he was a judge in Detroit displaying that kind of behavior over serious matters, I would have to ask for an investigation, mental review, or something to find out what’s wrong with him. I don’t care what nobody says. His conduct is not normal behavior in a court of law.

P.S. To the anonymous commentary two weeks ago, my mother always said, “You can’t please all the people all the time. You can only please some of them all the time, some of them some of the time and some of them, never.” Your balderdash obviously places you in the latter group. To each his own is what I always say.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Tidbits Again

I haven’t been with you for the last three weeks and it is because I have been busy. But I do have a few thoughts on a couple of things brought out last week and thought I would share them with you.

State of the State by Governor Jennifer Granholm

Our great governor mention what she called “No Worker Left Behind” as a way to assist those who get laid off, downsized, or plain fired from jobs after many years will get help from the state with their transitions. Now this sound good on the surface but, I have to ask, what about those like me? People like me who chose to go through their transitions before the bottom fell out in the big companies. Others, like myself, saw it coming and moved on before we got slapped in the face with it. Yet, no one is helping us rebound from the action taken.

Granholm says she will want to finance the education of those who lose their jobs to upgrade their skills or even change careers. Hello, that is what I have been doing for the last two years and with not one drop of help. Will the program the governor introduce and attempt to pass include me and others who started already? If not, I plan on shouting out loud, FOUL PLAY!

Why? Because I saw things coming before they came and tried to prepare for it. Because I and others knew a change was coming and thought ahead on what we knew we would have to do and not a darn soul offered to help us. If we are not included in the new plan right alone with the newbies, I plan on making a lot of noise and make sure everybody know that we are being left out.

The mature individuals she want to accept and assist are no different from me. I deserve just as much assistance as they do and will demand my fair share of the pie. Granholm says three years of schooling paid for by the government is fair. I do agree. Since I only have two years left to complete my transition, helping me will only cost them two instead of three. If they pay for me to go full time, they will only have to pay for one. Sounds like a good deal to me.

So I have said my piece on that subject and I will now move on.

Anna Nicole Smith

She died and now everyone is wondering what happen. I’ll tell you what happen. The woman was tired and exhausted. Contrary to what most believe, she had no one As a single mother myself, when she lost her son who she loved dearly, she lost it all. So drugs, fame, and idolatry became her substance and it wasn’t enough. It is called excess. We all know what excess anything does to us. Yes, it kills us before we even know it. Like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith died fighting a battle alone.