Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Two Former President Bushes

Why oh why do everybody expect Obama can fix something that both President Bush’s screwed up can be done in only four year. When, the two of them together did it in eight. That is obscured. No one in their right mind can do that. But they expect Obama to do it. Give me a break. Obama inherited a disaster now he is asked to fix it. In only four years? Here is my take on this garbage. What Obama got, he is working as hard as he can to clean up the mess. He is not superman nor is he “God”, but that seems to be what people expect him to be. Now people work with him and allow him to reach out and do what he has to do to repair the darn damage the two former President Bushes put us into.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Fires are happening all over the Detroit Area

Those who own their homes should make sure their insurance policies cover fires. Those who rent their homes should add to their auto insurance policies renters insurance. Without this type of coverage you have no way to replace the things you lose.

And yes you can replace the pictures you lose by having them digitized and stored elsewhere. Such as in a bank security vault like where you keep extra money and your will. You could also let someone else keep the pictures for you on their computer, if not in the bank vault with your other valuables.

I offer this information so that you can start over with assistance and still have memories from times before.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Unnecessary Death in Sanford Florida

First what bothers me is George Zimmerman himself called 911 but, he did not follow the orders he was given. He was asked if he was following the child and he replied, yes. The officer on the line with him told him to stop doing that.

But he chose to ignore the orders he was given. Why, is what bothers me? Did he think that he was the police? All he is a volunteer, part of the neighborhood watch. Now, he should have known all the people that lived in that gated community. And Trayvon Martin lived in that community. All he was doing was going home.

Now, here is my opinion on this matter. Hopefully, with through research, the FBI and the Justice Department will realize, George Zimmerman went too far. Taking the situation into his own hands, thinking every Black kid on the block is a criminal. And that is what is called profiling.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Susan G Komen Foundation Is Not Playing Fair

Here is what I have to say. Why would the Susan G. Komen Foundation stop giving women a chance to know if they have breast cancer or not. For some reason unknown to me, they are now attacking the Planned Parenthood Foundation. This is not the right way to help women.

Many women do not have health care and depended heavily on being able to have a free breast screening through Susan G. Komen Foundation. Why stop the funding of the breast screening now? Where will the women without health care go now? Thousands now will not be able to learn if they have breast cancer or not. Yet, Susan G Komen Foundation is asking us to do a 3 day, 60 mile walk to save those who have breast cancer. How dare you ask people to participate in the walk when you want us to accept the defunding of breast screening.

Women you must go online and sign the petition to stop the defunding of free breast screening. All you have to do is go to http://act.credoaction/campaign/komen/?rc=share_email and sign the petition.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Detroit Science Center Needs Assistance

With the North American Auto Show in town, I feel the organizers of that event should assist the Science Center in its time of need. Did they not hold a charity event last Friday night? Someone needs to approach the auto industry and literally ask for assistance. It is a non-profit and like the auto industry, it too is all about science. What better way can children learn how cars are built and the engineering process involved.

Now this will affect the children in the Detroit Public Schools real bad. Go ahead and take a chance, it couldn’t hurt. Who knows, one of the big three might just say ok and arrange for some monetary assistance. The Science Center has been around for many decades and served the Detroit Public School children well as it supplied tours and trips for them to attend. Now how will the children learn about science hands on? Here is my question. What are you waiting on Detroit Science Center? Go ahead ask them directly for help, what have you got to lose?

That’s all I got to say.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Stealing from Babies?

Now the thieves have gone too far. They are now stealing from babies. What are they stealing? The babies’ social security numbers and going out getting credit with them and ruining their credit before they are even able to get a job or buy a thing. Why is the question? What did the babies ever do to you adults out there?

Maybe the government needs to go back to the way it used to be. You see when I was growing up you could not get a social security card until you were 14 years of age. That might just help deter individuals from stealing from babies before they are adults.

Here is my suggestion. As soon as your new baby is given a social security number. Sign up with an Identity Theft organization like the one you see on the TV commercial, where the guy that tries to get a credit card and the paper catches fire as soon as he starts to write on it.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

The event is now reaching every major city in the US. And now is the time for Congress to take it seriously. Enough is enough is what the people are saying. It’s time to fix things and put people back to work so something can be bought and restore the economy.

Now here is my opinion stop buying the goods these corporations have made overseas. Remember L.L. Bean? They are based in Freeport, Maine. They still make some goods here in the US. The famous Bean Boots, Main Hunting Shoe, dog bedliners and canvas boat and tote bags. Yet, due to the lack of facilities that could accommodate the production they had to go overseas too.

If the corporations made no money on their goods made overseas, they would then realize they must come home. Sure I know they made deals with companies over there but, how much did they get out of it to pass on to their customers? Looks to me like not a dime. Just enough to put into their own pockets. Come on corporations bring the jobs home will you! Did you not know that if you brought the jobs home, more people would actually buy what is made here and the economy would actually do a real turn around.

Lastly, I live in the city of Detroit and Detroit has taken part also in this revolt. But, here is why I bring it up. We here in Detroit have not had one arrest, not one fight and why? This city was one of those who became famous for one of the 1967 riots. So, we know how to demonstrate without causing controversy, how do we know; we have had experience since the marching during the Martin Luther King Days, when he once marched here with us. We know that we must be civil to be understood and heard.

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